The annual HWY 62 Open Studio Art Tours is a one-of-a-kind experience for art lovers and art buyers to create a free customized self-guided tour of artist studios across the Morongo Basin communities: Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, Pioneertown, Rimrock, Flamingo Heights, Landers, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms and Wonder Valley. Over three weekends in October visitors can experience the workplaces, lifestyles, and desert settings of artists who’ve been drawn to the area and made homes here over the last 50 years. The HWY 62 Open Studio Art Tours allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the high desert, immerse themselves in its creative community and the opportunity to acquire art directly from local artists and makers. With the influx of many new artists to the high desert, this year promises a wide diversity of mediums, styles and prices. The event is free and open to everyone.

2022: 192 artists at 134 studios throughout the high desert gateway communities of the Joshua Tree National Park.

Featured artists: Aaron Michael Wood, Aaron Smith, Abe Alvarez-Tostado, Abyssurdian Productions, Adrian Field, Alane Levinsohn, alex maceda studio, Ana DiGiallonardo, Ana Medina, Andrea Jungert, Andrew Eiden, Anna Stump, AnyaSF, Artfool, Audrey Green, Audrey Mandelbaum | Scranch, Austin Hart, Bailey Jones | Sage Ceramics, Beth Abaravich, Bill Leigh Brewer, Blake Baxter, Blake Hodges | Wild Heart Ranch, Book Art by Lori LeVoir, Brad Byrd, Brian Leatart, Bunnie Reiss, Carey Ann Hays, Cat Celebrezze | Laminated Love, Catherine Abston Wicked Designs, Cecilia Romero aka Cecilia Paints, cher townsend, Chris Alley, Clair Case, Clark Hunter | Arcane Laboratories and Devices, Claudia Bucher | MOJAVETIA, Colleena Hake, Constance Walsh | Red Shed Studio, Corinna Rosella, Cybele Rowe, Dan Bartlett, Daniel Hogan, David Falossi, David Jesse McChesney, Deane Locke, Deedee Forrester, Delos Van Earl, Denise Tanguay, Denny Bales, Desert Christ Park, Desert Rust Designs by Karan Murphy, Diane Bombshelter, Dominique Bass-Terpstra | Traveling Painter, Doug Dolde, Downs, Duane Byrd, Duotone, dvora silberman, Earthly Elements by Joey Bebar, Ed Keesling Clayworks, Eddie Tucker (E.T.), Elisabeth Frederickson Pollnow, Emilia Louisa Frasher, Eric Banas | La Bonetto Studio, Eric Saks, Esther Shaw, Eva Montville, Fine Art Cookies by Lisa Provenza-Bebar, Frederick Fulmer, Georgia Ryan, Gillian Keller, Glenn Grubbs, Grundell Art, Gubby Beck, Hannah Grace Artworks, Hans Haveron, Hawk, Hiroko Momii, Holly Rae Jewelry, Ilan Leas, Ilona Mercier, Ink, Jaime Zwicker, James Rieck, Jane Gaunt, Jaya Tengco, Jen Shakti, Jessie Keylon, John Henson Nail Art, Jonny Day Designs, Juan Thorp, Judy Lichtman, Judy Wold Studio, Julianne Koza, k. Flint, Kalachuchi22, Kat Johnson, Kate McCabe at Kidnap Youself HQ, Kathy Miller Artworks, Kelly Witmer, Kevin E. Kane, Kevin Elliot Conn, Kim Chasen, Kime Buzzelli, Kriss Knapp, Kristin B-Jonez Studio, Laura Bogner, Laurie Anne Windeknecht | Mojave Studio, Laurie J Schafer, LaVonne Kennedy, Lear Studio, Lili T. California, Linda Romatko, Lisa Hwang | OMe Haus Studio, Loisa Bartlett, Louise Anne - LA - Marler, Lulu Stewart, Marcia Geiger, Marje Schuetze-Coburn, Mark Hannah, Mark Walsh, Mary Jane Weil, Mary Jeys, Melisa Rimada, Melissa Lakey, Michele Marlowe - M4 Art, Mike McLain, Mitch Miller, Myra Kennedy, Naked Lightworker Studio, Nate Ricketts Design, Nichole Vikdal, Nicola Vruwink, no town, Nona Marie Christensen, Olive Toscani, Pepper Wagner, Peri Makes Lamps, Philip Miller Design, Philippe Jestin Studio, Pocket Toscani, Prescott Mccarthy, PROCESS_PRACTICE, Punk Rock Hippie | Béah Romero, Raini Days Art, Ramsey 29 Art Studio, Rebecca Rizzo - Energy with Shay Rizzo, Richelle Rich, Robert Arnett, Roger Newman, Ron Therrio | The Stamping Mill, Rose Cefalu Photo, Sam Roberts, Sandi Burnett, Sarah Kei, Sharon Davis | Earth House Studios, Sheliah Bailey, Shiela Sasek, Simone Alexia, Snake Jagger Studio, Sonja Krastman, Stacy Byrd, Steven Wybenga, Stray Ceramics, Susan Holloway Designs, Susan Hunter Eiden, Susan Kearns, suzanne dellinger, Suzen Smallwood, Svetlana Shigroff, Tamara Wilson, Tami Roleff, Tammy Romatko, Ted Meyer, Tee Walsh, The Simi Dabah Sculpture Foundation, Thomas Alban, Tiffiny Schuler, Tina Bluefield, Tobias Tovera, Todd Fink, Tom Windeknecht, Valerie Davis, Venus to Saturn, Vera Topinka, Victoria J. Sebanz, Walker Mettling, Wendy Lee Gadzuk, Wild Hope Handmade | Melissa Grisi, Wild Moon Fiber Arts, Wini Brewer | Stone Cottage Studio, Željko Milovanović, Zenbunnyland | Steffi Sutton, ZZIEE Ceramics | Elizabeth Eisenstein


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About the Studio Art Tours

The HWY 62 Open Studio Art Tours is an annual multi-disciplinary desert-wide open studio art tour. Depending on the year, it is the largest Open Studio in Southern California. The 2022 Fall Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours spanned 3 weekends in October, October 8-9, 15-16 and 22-23 with studios open 10am-5pm.

The concept of open studio art tours in itself is a fairly common thing: in our desert environment with questionable GPS, hand painted or missing road signs, and vast vistas to the edge of the earth the open studio art tour becomes an extraordinary thing. The artists here have chosen a world like no other, in which to create and share their work.

Just finishing its 21st year featuring 192 artists showing in 134 studios across 8 desert communities. 

Catalog cover that reads 18th Annual Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours 2019 October
Catalog cover that reads Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours Two Weekends October 2017

Art Tours History

Since our first studio art tour with less than 15 artists represented, we have grown to one of the largest open studio tours in the country.

The tour exhibits artists showing their work in home studios and group sites stretching from Morongo Valley in the West to Wonder Valley in the East along a 50 mile stretch of Highway 62.

Over the last 21 years, the high desert area has drawn a significant community of artists and creative people working in a full spectrum of mediums. The annual art tour has grown into a three weekend event every October. It’s a perfect month to explore desert roads, the National Park, and our incredible local talent.

2021 was the 20th anniversary and there were 165 artists showing across 8 desert communities.

Please also check out Instagram and Facebook review past years artists and stay up to date for next year.

Download a previous year's catalogs HERE.

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