Mural VI: Fred by Rose Cefalu

27 November, 2022

            Mural VI: Fred by Rose Cefalu

Exterior Wall of Joshua Tree Art Gallery
61607 29 Palms Highway Joshua Tree, CA

The MBCAC continues our mission to inspire and enliven the community through the arts by presenting a rotating line up of large temporary murals on the exterior wall of the Joshua Tree Art Gallery. For our sixth round, we feature this work created by local artist Rose Cefalu.

Artist Statement:

I have been on a journey with "Fred," exploring the cliché of the desert alien. During quarantine he turned into my personal muse, my friend and inspiration. We often have morning conversations about where he wants to go and what he wants to do along with questions about life, humanity, and trying to fit in. Fred see things differently and has shown me a different and often brighter view of the future. He is currently considering staying in Joshua Tree for the winter and spending the summer in Europe. Say Hi if you see us driving around the desert and check out his travels inside the gallery. 

About the artist: 

Every day you can find Rose Cefalu obsessing over her iPhone photos and overposting on instagram @joshuatreedesertrose and @rosecefaluphoto. In her spare time she thinks about traveling, printing imagery, making candles and mixing new colors. In 2019 Rose launched a cyanotype workshop to get her "hands dirty" again and reintroduce this vintage art form to a new audience interested in becoming skilled with alternative photographic processes. She is also producing award-winning content at a variety of outlets. Currently Rose is the Photography Director at Emmy magazine and you can find her work at She has a workshop in downtown Joshua Tree called "Joshua Tree Desert Rose" where you can usually find her and Fred, making candles and cyanotypes. 

Art has the power to connect, uplift and inspire everyone.

The goal of this mural series is to catch the eye of a passerby and shift their current outlook to one of inspiration and intrigue as they traverse downtown Joshua Tree. We are accepting submissions for new murals for our 2022 season. Visit our call for work for more information. We are happy to continue and adapt this great program started by JTAG founder Frederick Fulmer.

This mural is for sale. Please contact if interested.